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“Amazing to finally find a decent cobblers. And not just decent actually – exceptional. Tim did a really great job on my boots, sent photographs to check progress and was happy to discuss things in detail.”
– Alex Wyndham

“I visited Hoxton Shoe Repairs to have a pair of Mulberry boots (impulsively purchased from a sample sale) dyed from their original hideous turd-brown to black. The boots are huge, heavy wedges, and I first emailed Paul and Nick with pictures to see if it was even doable. They replied straight away with a really comprehensive explanation of what might need to be done, and explaining that they’d make a final assessment when I brought the boots in in person. It took me six weeks to get around to visiting, but they remembered me. They quoted me £45 (significantly cheaper than anywhere else, and included dying the very thick leather, laces and tassels; and spraying the non-leather parts). They sent me photos to update me as they went along, and were completely finished less than two weeks later. The boots are fabulous; I’ve only worn them a few times but I’ve had so many compliments. 🙂 Will definitely be going back!”

Emily Gibson

“I took a pair of work shoes in to get resoled. I was concerned that they were unsalvageable, as they have had a lot of use over 7 or 8 years and were on their 5th set of soles. They came back as new. I can’t recommend the work highly enough.”
– Mike Haslam

“Excellent service here. I always get my shoes here and have a warm welcome, even when one of my heels fell out days after being fixed and fixed with no charge. £7.50 a pair of shoes and done in 24 hours – Amazing”
– Kate Bently

“Wonderful, wonderful, service! I have used them twice now when I have been on business in London and and have had a great experience each time. They saved me the 1st time by swiftly fixing the heel of the only pair of boots I brought to London in the dead of winter. The last time I dropped a pair of shoes off there, I became so busy at work and forgot to pick them up and left the country without them. I called them and explained my situation and they have been beyond helpful in finding the best options to ship them back to me in California. This is all in addition to HSR doing such great work to bring new life to these pairs of boots. I highly recommend this shoe repair service.”
– Onye Anyanwu


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